Pictured is a hand made energy center featuring an oil/potpourri burner, tea light holder, silver candle snuffer and bell, and an incense burner.  All the wood portions can be used separately or as a set and were made from the same piece of aged Juniper wood.

The Juniper wood used came from a standing dead, unoccupied tree.  We only use dead trees as we believe it is important to let the tree run its full cycle and only create from it when it is seeking rebirth in the earth. 

The leaf in the glass basin was hand etched and all the wood was handcrafted.  A wood handle of the same material was added to the snuffer.

This item has found a home as a permanent fixture at one of our cooperative retailers and holistic healing partners.

We have other items similar to this made or you can request custom work.  Contact us for more details at info



This gourd rattle was hand crafted with a pinon wood handle. The artwork on the outside was hand drawn and then hand wood burned. This item was accented with rabbit fur and the lanyard was also hand crafted to compliment the gourd rattle. Please contact us if you are interested in a  similar custom item.


Welcome to DragonMoonCrafts!

Welcome to our website. This is the place where dragons roar, coyotes howl, birds fly about and children laugh. This site is a place where those who have an open mind and a free spirit can come and see that they are not so alone in the world.

There are flames of Light burning everywhere in the world. Flames of truth, honesty, integrity, loyalty, doing what's right and seeking to find oneself. It is nice to know we are not alone in bringing these beliefs back into this hardened world.

We encourage everyone to stop by often and feel free to contact us with any questions.

We not only provide one of a kind hand made spiritual items, we also provide a variety of spirit readings and general spiritual services.  We are also now offering some herbal material and guidance as requested.  We, as always, keep the costs of theses services, like our items, as inexpensive as possible and free of charge if possible.  if you need something but don't have the money, let us know; we will see what we can do!

An addition for the coming year will be our CD of drumming, flutes and singing.  We will also be performing at several events and we are making event creation and execution services available as well.

We are still working on the website, plus a gazillion (maybe two gazillion) things at the same time.  We had a busy season last year and have a lot of things for next year underway.

We do not have a lot in inventory at this time, but we are open for custom orders and will be building our inventory back up as soon as we can.

You can also see us at http://dragonmooncrafts.etsy.com during this delay or use the links on the "Etsy.com Shop" page above.  Thank you.  Also feel free to contact us at info@dragonmooncrafts.com for info or custom orders.

Use the Gallery link in the page header to see some of our past and present work in portfolio form!  This area is still under construction as well, but has a few pictures and more are being upload as fast as possible.  We have created and found homes for several thousand items that we have not and may not find time to upload pictures of.  If it can be dreamed or needed, we can craft it.