Delivery Information:  We are happy to safely ship any item anywhere in the world.  All of our packages are carefully packaged and wrapped, and we make sure that each one has a delivery confirmation so we can track it.  Contact us for more information.

Material Information:  We work in almost every type of art and craft material form time to time.  The art currently underway is based upon the material that has found us.  We look to the material to provide us with the inspiration for that art. 

Feedback from our Customers

We would like to share some of the comments we have received from customers. You can view more of these customer comments at .

"+++++-This piece is beyond words-it has a strength,and an energy that is awesome-If ANYONE find themselves pulled towards any of the wood items from this fantastic crafter, don't hesitate to make it your own-it is meant to be with you!!-out of many of my purchases on etsy, this one is the ultimate-also, this husband and wife are marvelous people, full of fantastic energy" -  From "Mardiah" after receiving a juniper root candle holder and sculpture.

"Very nice, wonderful workmanship, and the wood smells great, (i love the smell of wood). very nice detail work..Thank you" - "Gypsywoman" after receiving her portable altar, willow wand and case, and handcarved and detailed cedar athame.

Again, for more feedback comments, see our online store at .