Why Custom?  In the world we live in today most items are mass produced for a large amount of people. The person making a staff in a factory in a warehouse somewhere does not really think about the piece they are creating or even the spiritual aspects of it. When something is custom made, you know that it was made with purpose. That someone thought about every aspect of that piece and what it's purpose is for. We spiritually give our items a "charge" and create them with an energy so they are made to do what they are asked to do.

Why one of a kind?   When something is made for just you, you create a unique bond with that item. When someone has a suit or jacket made for them, it is truly their jacket or suit. Not only does one of kind provide the items own unique energy, but it also allows us use that item to it's maximum potential.  To hold only one of something is a great experience. To know you gave someone a gift of such uniqueness is a gift in itself.

Custom Orders and Requests are Our Specialty!

We welcome any questions about an item. Even if someone is just curious as to what something is, feel free to ask. Sometimes learning about something sparks something inside about why the question came along in the first place.

Feel free to ask about a custom item you have always wanted, or wanted to give to someone. You can contact us at info@dragonmooncrafts.com with any questions or requests!