Great Gathering Updates:  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or input on the Great Gathering. We would love to hear from you. We have our first helper committed to the cause.   We want this event to be something look forward to and build towards.  We want folks of lesser means to be able to have a chance to get here.  We have picked a location in Western Colorado and will get more specific as time progresses.  Contact us at festivaloffreedom for more info or to get involved.

We think that this should become a "once every five years" sort of thing.  But tell us what you think.  With a lot of hard work we can make this a experience the world will remember, in a good way, forever.

Remember, People from everywhere CAN live together, can find ways to bridge differences, can exist with dignity, strength and love.







Dragon Moon Crafts will be around for the 2019 season


​More to be added soon:

  • Thunder Mountain Rendezvous 
  • Pacific Primitive Rendezvous
  • Faerieworlds