Tribal Legend of the Month:

We are trying to get our verbal traditions put into written form to make the changing of this story simpler and less time consuming; we have a lot going on.  For now, we present one of the most basic and fundamental of our legends:

In our ancestors has been passed down the legend of the stones. The stones, we believe, hold all the knowledge of the world, the history, the past and especially all  the records of mankind.
 Many years ago, mankind started to fall into chaos and and a great war was getting ready to emerge between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. Seeing this pending dark times to come, a great healer known as The Lady presented to the elders at the time an idea to put all our records into the stones of the earth. The stones would record all mankind's events and the knowledge would be there for the future generations to learn from. In this, all our knowledge would not be lost. It was agreed and one person was selected to do the job. This person was a survivor and took the task of putting the records into the stones around the world. It took him many centuries, but he accomplished this great task and the stones to this day hold the records. If we listen, we can still hear them.

The Bardic Tradition:  we will have a shifting content here consisting of stories, songs poems and verse from ourselves and the world around us.  We start this new effort with a long one; The Song of Brayu Elktracker...

He Rode the Wind
From the North,
Running swift as Sunrise,
Always staying on course.
Dressed in furs and steel,
A Warrior of the Wolf.

Long legs, quick as Lightning,
Racing the Great Elk.
Body strong as the Rolling Thunder,
Seeking always His Enemy.
Taking a full measure of Joy,
With the Falling Snow,
Knowing only this moment.

For, the Warrior of the Cold,
With the Honor of Old,
Warmth eternal in his heart,
The glorious freedom of the Hunt,
Glints in his innocent eyes.
All He knows is…
What he has always known;
Today we live,
Tomorrow we die.

Far in the nearing distance,
The roles have now reversed,
His Prey hunts him,
Howling and screaming with lust and fury.

At this place in the trees,
He has found Companions…
And Friends.
Their cause has long since become His own.
Tragedies of Old forgotten…
He will Hunt no more.
He needs not Hunt any longer.
The Hunt has found Him…
In this time and place.

The Warrior of the Wolf,
The Hunter of the North,
Exposed to all the World,
All the moments that have ever been,
Or will ever be.

He raises up his Aspect,
The Truth inside unleashed,
He takes on his Attribute,
Becoming what he has always been,
And never wanted.
Clothed only in Vengeance,
Armed but with Steel and Belief,
He steps out into the new fallen Snow…
And His Prey comes to Him.

All the Life behind,
Gives him Clarity.
All the Life ahead,
Gives him Purpose.
All the Life of Brayu Elktracker…
Gives him this Moment,
All things come to the End.

A time to stand and fight,
To finish the Hunt.
A time to find that
Which is long sought.
To fight for his Companions…
His Friends.
He is not alone,
Good Friends He has lost,
Are here, now, in this place.

Inside Him, a long forgotten fire,
One which has forever shut out…
The Cold,
Warms him once more,
One last time.
The Flame bursts forth with a great searing blast,
Igniting in the Full Light of the Moons.

The Clouds break open.
Letting Starlight
And Moonlight fall
Upon the Snow.

The Enemy grows bolder and louder,
Closer it comes.

His Companions slip away into the safety of the shadows
Of the Forest,
Their own Paths to Follow.
To carry their own Burdens.
One Friend secretly remains,
Determination to see the Warrior
Greet the Sunrise once more.

The Warrior of Winter throws back his head,
Answering the calls of His Enemy,
With a howl both beautiful…
And terrible.
The first Enemy emerges from the Darkness,
Blood quickly tarnishing the Snow,
Red upon the ground,
Dead upon the Moon Wolf’s Blade,
The Warrior of the Wolf turns to greet the rest of…
The Dark Ones.

The Second and the Third,
They come by the dozens.
And by the dozens,
Their Blood becomes the Snow.
More Red upon the earth,
The Steel taking its toll.

From the Shadows,
The Warrior’s Friend draws his Great Bow,
The Ancient and Terrible Bow of
A Long Lost and Dead Friend.
Twin shafts of wood and silver and moonlight,
Are carried upon a breeze of Wrath,
Guided by Faith,
Pierce the Hearts of those that serve Darkness.

Many more Enemies fall upon the Warrior,
Attacking Him with wave,
After wave of horror.

The Hunter staggers,
His Great Steel Blade slips from his…
Mighty hand,
His Spirit ripped from His grasp.

More Blood of the Dark Ones taints the pure Snow,
As so now that Warriors Blood also…
Flows in the moonlight.
He is cast and crushed to the ground,
The Knife of his Fathers’,
Finds His wounded Hand.

The sameness inside Him,
That festers in the Dark Ones,
Fills with Light.
More Enemies fall to His strikes,
More of His Blood runs into the Snow.

In a moment both brief,
And eternally agonizing,
The Enemy overwhelms Him,
Sweeping Him under,
Washing Him under in a wave of Fury.

His Friend charges forth,
His Wrath seeking a Vengeance in Rage.

The Warrior’s Spirit leaps through…
The Moons’ light,
Asking His Friend to flee.

Honoring the Warrior for all Eternity,
His Friend moves to depart,
To not waste the Warrior’s Blood.
The Dark Ones React,
Seeking the Friend,
Moving their uncontrolled and unending Rage toward
The Warrior’s Friend.

Between the Friend and the Enemy,
The Snow and Light have come Alive!

A White Wolf,
Pure and Beautiful…
As the Winterset Sunrise,
Clear and Cold,
Launches Himself into the Enemy,
Once more.

The rest?
The Friend knows only…
In his dreams.
Before this Great Wolf,
With eyes like the two brightest Stars in the Sky,
The Enemy Falls.
Their weakness…
His strengths.
In the end, the Wolf is the same,
As He has always been…

Swift as Sunrise.
Racing the Great Elk.
Seeking always, His Enemy.
Riding the Wind.
Strong and Quick…

One, with the Snow…

The Warrior of the White Winter Wolf,
Seen Briefly in the Mist,
The Light of the Twin Ladies,
Giving Him life.

Look for Him when…
The Snow falls,
Just beyond sight.

Listen for His Song,
Riding the breeze,
Echoing through the Trees.
The Wolf sings gently,
On the Full Moon,
When the ground is fresh with Snow,
And the Air is clear and cold…

A Song He has always known…

The Song of Brayu Elktracker.

The History of DragonMoonCrafts

We will have a lot more info here sometime.  In the meantime, you can get a very brief version at our shop at or check out the blog, The Dragon Speaks, connected with this website by using the link at the left of the page.

We have made our first music video!  THe pictures are from various ceremonies and the music is composed, performed and recorded by our family music group, called Soluna.  Check out the video:

From our Profile at  DragonMoonCrafts items are made by a unique family.

As a Modern Day Tribal Family working to maintain their traditions and beliefs, we hope that DragonMoonCrafts will be a way to meet and exchange with good folks from a diverse background. Sharing our questions and answers we have engaged ourselves with through our art and craft pieces gives who we are a chance to be.

Our top priorities with our Craft is to be true to ourselves and our traditions, honor the materials we are blessed with and to find the items the homes they seek.

We believe in not only teaching our children the value of the hand-crafted art, but to also keep generations of tradition alive. In this era of instant gratification and forced conformity, it is sometimes difficult to maintain your human autonomy. In this, as with our other endeavors, the strength, dignity and love of the human spirit are absolutely essential. Our oldest children work with and serve in various spiritual groups.

We are excited to be offering our craft to a wider audience and hope others enjoy the truly unique and spiritually guided items we create.

If you don't see what you are looking for, or see something close but not quite right, contact us! We delight in making custom items or customizing existing items. If it can be fashioned by the hands of humans, is conceived to serve Light and is original and unique, we would love a chance to look at doing it!

We are also continuing to upload pictures to our Photo Gallery and these will come to include family and other pictures as well as craft we have made.